God save the Queen. And Starbucks, please.

Finally it’s here, one of the most awaited event of 2012: the Queen’s Jubilee.
Many events are happening in London, but since I spend most of my time working – and restaurants do not know what Bank Holidays means – I’m not exactly enjoying the big party. Not yet anyway.

The only thing I was able to enjoy was the special Frappuccino Starbucks made to celebrate the occasion. It’s called Royal Mint and it’s a mix of chocolate and peppermint. As a Starbucks addicted I couldn’t possibly imagine not to try it, so as soon as I finished my shift at the restaurant I headed for Oxford street to my favourite Starbucks store. There wasn’t the usual incredibly long queue I am now used to wait for. I just ordered my Royal Mint Frappuccino and – surprise! – got a gold foiled chocolate medal for free, apparently it comes with the drink. I really should make a note to thank the Queen as soon as I get the chance.

Golden Chocolate Medal

Golden Chocolate Medal

It was a bit chilly outside so I chose to have my Frappuccino inside, reading my book and relaxing after a boring day at work. It probably wasn’t the best drink I had in Starbucks as to me the peppermint flavour was a bit too strong and covered the chocolate ones.
But I guess this is the problem of a chocoholic like me. In fact, my favourite Starbucks drink is – and probably will always be – my beloved Caramel Hot Chocolate, cream on top, of course. And not the salted one I tried in New York. That was disgusting. Just traditional Caramel Syrup please!
My second favourite is the Banana Chocolate I had in New York when I went the first time in September 2008. That was my first time to Starbucks at all and I definitely fell in love for it back then. Shame it was just a special for that summer. I never found it again in any other Starbucks.

Royal Mint Frappuccino - Starbucks Jubillee Special Edition

Royal Mint Frappuccino – Starbucks Jubillee Special Edition

So here’s my first Jubilee impression. I hope the Queen might forgive me if the only thing I could appreciate of the first Jubilee day was only a matter of food. After all, when it comes to me, it is always about food.

PS. Don’t forget that till the 5th of June you can still enjoy the Happy Hour! From 3 to 5pm you can enjoy any Frappuccino you like for half of its price. As Starbucks smartly suggest it means you can go with a friend and it’s just gonna be like 2-4-1!