Harewood: a lovely afternoon in West Yorkshire

And then it’s Sunday.
My housemates and I went out for a “family trip” around Leeds, discovering green, sheep and relax.

About 15 minutes drive from Headingley and we are in the middle of West Yorkshire countryside, we end up visiting Harewood.

“Where Turner came to paint,
buddhists chose to build,
penguins found a home
and trees are painted gold”

Yes, it is a beautiful place.

As soon as we arrive we get to visit the Terrace gardens. They are splendidly kept and the view is just stunning. It’s a shame that it was freezing, but some sun was trying to show up between clouds to warm us up a bit and give shiny impressions all over the valley.Immagine

The house is more than 250 years old; I did not get too much into the history though, so if you want to know more about it I suggest you visit the website.Immagine

Then we moved to the Brid Gardens. I must admit I was a bit surprised to find out most of the birds there come from Africa, South America, Australia and Java, I assumed they must have been freezing in the snow in the past days as well as all over the year. The only one who seemed to enjoy the freezing weather were the penguins who actually gave us quite a lot of entertainment as they started fornicating as soon as we got there. At some point there was also a fight between two females who were probably fighting for the same man. Oh, we are so similar! Immagine

After the Bird Gardens we walked along the lake, half frozen, and we ended up in the Himalayan gardens. Unfortunately they were closed but I got the chance to take a snapshot of the Stupa, apparently the only one in the UK! Immagine

At the end of our walk we visited an Orchard, where they grow all sorts of vegetables, from artichokes to pumpkins and squash; then we head back to the very beginning, where we sat for a relaxing snack at the café.Immagine

There is also a shop, which we did not have time to visit, but apparently they sell local products as well as culinary specialties like pasta imported from Italy (maybe not very sustainable, but what can I say, I am proud to see products of my country are always appreciated), as well as decorations of different kinds: I spot a pillows as I passed by, I assume they have much more than food and pillows though.

I was a bit sad at the very beginning when we got to pay £5 each to get inside, as I thought it was just a normal park; but after I saw all the beautiful gardens, birds and secrets of it I shall say the price is more than worth.
You can eventually pay £5.50, thus giving a small donation.

Thank you Tom for the nice trip in such a lovely place!