Leaving London

It’s just when I leave one place that I actually realise how much I will miss it.
Isn’t it such a cliché?
I started writing about New York just one month before moving back and now I feel I haven’t said much about London while I was living here.
In few days I’ll wake up in Leeds with so many memories of The City – and so much left unsaid.

I didn’t write about the Globe and when I have been there for free for Shakespeare’s Birthday.
I didn’t mention being to Battersea Park, walking in Regent’s Park during my breaks and getting my first 2012 tan in Hyde Park, by the Serpentine.
I didn’t say anything, anything about the Olympics, the biggest event in 2012, not only for London, but for the whole United Kingdom and well, for the whole world.
I didn’t write about Brighton and its attractions.
I didn’t tell you about my job, my colleagues, my friends.

The worst is that I still have so much to say about New York as well, not just London.
So many things I probably never tell.

I often think about my dream post.
I want to tell you about New York and London, together.
What do these two cities have in common? Which are the differences?
No news, how many people wrote about this?
But I want this post to be my own, mine only.

And now I tell you I am going to Leeds, without introduction, nor explanation.

I just keep hoping I’ll find the time,
the will,
the words,
to explain what’s going on.

Until then.

One thought on “Leaving London

  1. I’m afraid TIME will be your ennemy, ’cause I know you’ll always find words and will to write here…so I hope you’ll find time to post something on your wonderful blog! I love it!
    Good luck and have fun on your new adventures…!

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