I saw Her

At half past twelve I am still in my bed wondering what to do whit my day. I specifically asked to have the day off to go in town and see the Queen but then I feel too lazy to get out of bed. I’m just chilling on Facebook and checking some emails. Then something happen. I just get out of my duvet, start dressing quickly and at 1pm I am on the Jubilee Line, heading for Hyde Park, hoping – at least – to see Her in the maxi screen and enjoy the show with thousands of people instead of waiting to see the BBC report by myself in my 13″ MacBook screen.

I sit on the train and I log on Facebook on my mobile. I happen to follow something that posts: “The Queen has just arrived at Westminster Hall”. I move my eyes from the screen of my phone to the map of the train. Exactly, the Jubilee line stops at Westminster. Change of plans. No Hyde Park and no big screens.
I jump off the train at Westminster, people everywhere. Too many even for such a touristic spot. The exit for the Big Ben is closed so everybody moves towards the river and the first thing I can see is the London eye. I start walking faster, not sure of where I am going and then I just start following everyone else. I arrive under the Big Ben, but on the other side of the road. Usually it takes just few minutes from the Big Ben to Westminster Abbey, but it’s too crowded. I’m stuck and can’t move on, nor get back. After a while I manage to turn right on Whitehall, where it’s easier to walk but still I can’t find a good place where to stop and watch. Too many people block the view to the street where the Queen is gonna pass on her carriage and Im simply too short. I keep walking, not losing hope. And then I see it. There are few steps leading to a door in a building. There are about 20 people standing on those steps but there’s a tiny empty place. I move close, I look at one of the girl on the steps and shyly ask if I can fit. She smile and step aside. I finally have my view.

I check the time, it’s 14. I still have some time before the Queen is gonna pass, which should be at 14.20. And being the Queen of England I don’t think she’s gonna be late.

I wait, people around me are getting excited. They discuss about which side of the carriage she is supposed to sit. I feel some drops on my head. Oh no! It’s raining. But no one seems to care. Everyone keeps waiting. It’s just too exciting a moment to really worry about the rain. I wonder if the carriage will be open or close. Will we actually be able to see Her? I am pretty close and I can see very well the people on the other side of the road, if the carriage is open I’ll definitely see her. I’m getting excited myself.

A gun shot. People start to scream. Not of fear but of joy. It’s the sign. She’ll be here soon. I prepare my camera. I want to take a video. Another shot. Then another. After few seconds guards on black horses pass in front of us. Then others. Then others. And finally I can see two red guards on white horses. Then a carriage. People are screaming. I can see a beautiful hat. It’s the Queen’s hat. In front of her, Charles. On her side a woman that I can’t place immediately. Must be Camilla.

Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla

Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla

Other guards on black horses. My camera risks to fall from my fingers. My hands are trembling and I can’t understand why. Another carriage. People are now screaming louder. Louder than for the Queen. I can see another lovely hat. It’s Kate. On her left William. In front of them Harry. I lose my concentration and for a moment I forget I am taking a video. I am staring at Prince Harry. He’s cute! And then the second carriage is gone.

Kate and William

Kate and William

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

People are smiling.
They are happy.

I leave my step – my point of view above the crowd – and start walking in no direction.
And I can’t get rid of a stupid smile on my face.
I grab my phone and call: “Mom, I saw the Queen.”


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