How to enjoy nightlife in the city that never sleeps: best rooftops in NYC

How does New York nightlife look like? Just as in any other field, New York, is capable of everything. You can find just about anything you want in the Big Apple, even at night, and I am not speaking just of the fact that you can find every kind of food, drink or item 24/7.
Different parts of Manhattan offer you different kinds of entertainment: movies, theatres, concerts, karaoke spots, pubs and, of course, clubs.
Today I wanna focus precisely on this last topic. All over Manhattan you can find all the different kind of ballroom and clubs you can find in the galaxy.

Remember. Wherever you go never forget your ID. No matter how old you look like, you always need to prove you’re at least 21 years old. The only place where you can get in even if you are 19 is Webster Hall, but you can’t drink till 21 (sorry guys).
It is a really big and nice club but is often full of very young and sometimes annoying guys trying to get with you in every possible way without really caring about manners. It might be fun if you just broke up with your boyfriend and you just wanna get drunk, but either you carry a lot of money with you or – better – you ask someone rich to be nice and buy you drinks: glasses are tiny and average price is 15 dollars, plus the 35 you paid at the entrance. Nice place to see, but too messy. And crowded with wrong people. Unless, of course, you are 19.

In the East Village you’ll  normally find more casual spots, similar to pubs but packed. You usually recognise these places by spotting few alternative guys and girls smoking in front of it, waiting for a cab or talking with strong New York accent. Most frequently they are built under the buildings – as in, under the pavement – so if you wanna get in you have to walk down the stairs and you’ll find yourself surrounded with fancy people of every colour, shape and age. Honestly I never really tried this kind of experience since I do not really love clubbing, especially when it has to be in close places under the earth surface. I am not claustrophobic but in these places I feel like I am.
What I do love in New York City is that you do not need to keep your feet on the ground. You are in the Big Apple and you can dance within the stars! This means two different things. First, you can dance at the top of the skyscrapers. Second, you can actually meet “stars” – as in VIP – or at least, you can dance in the places where they usually go.

Sky Room

Sky Room

One of my favourite spots is the Sky Room. I got in for a birthday of a guy I did not even know, but I’m glad I did. You get in, you take the elevator, you take the stairs and in few steps you are in front of the Empire State Building and you can see Times Square at your feet. Useless to say it has an amazing view. If you have Foursquare and you check-in there you can have a free shot, not really strong, but you know, it’s free! I was supposed to get in for free at the entrance but for some reason I got to pay 10 dollars and the drinks are actually pretty expensive but still in the average of New York prices.

230 Fifth

230 Fifth

Another nice rooftop is 230 Fifth. I went there for a pre-dinner cocktail and I found it really cute. It was raining so I stayed under the tent, but normally even from this club you can have a great view of the Empire, probably even better since it is almost in front of it. I did not see it cause my table was on the other side and I was too lazy too go and check since I was sipping a lovely Cosmo and I didn’t want to get wet under the rain; moreover, when you live there you get pretty used to see the Empire from every corner of the city, so you don’t really go and look for it every 5 minutes. In winter the place is heated even on the outside but if you are still cold they have some coat you can put on to warm you up. They have some really nice penthouses for private events and even from some of them you can have a really great view of Manhattan’s most beautiful buildings.

Boom Boom Room

Boom Boom Room

If you want a really VIP experience you should try to get in the Boom Boom Room. They say it is one of “the hardest door in NYC”. Lady Gaga uses to appear there and if she is in the mood she sings for the lucky people there. I tried to get in once, but there was a private event from Calvin Klein and for some unexplained mistake my friends and I were not on the list so we had to say bye to the Boom Boom Room. The good thing, is that if you can not get in there – which is common – you can at least try the Le Bain, which is the door right in front of the Room. These two clubs are at the top of the Standard, one of the most exclusive hotel in New York City. My friends and I even made up an expression “to be at the top of the standard” meaning you are at your best, you are having an amazing time and you feel nothing can be better. Try to go up there and you’ll know what I mean. The view is gorgeous, of course the Empire is always there, looking at you. You can even go during the day, to sunbathe closer to the sky, sitting in one of the huge pillows in the synthetic grass drinking your favourite cocktail and enjoying one of the best view ever.

The best area to hang out is the Meatpacking District. There you can find restaurants, clubs, late night pizza to save you from hangover… Just about everything you need to enjoy the Big Apple as much as you possibly can.

Little advice.
If you are in New York don’t lose your time in the typical kind of club and pub you can find even in your own town. If you want to feel the emotion of being “at the top” go on a rooftop. There is nothing better than to enjoy the New York nightlife than too see it from the sky.
It might be a bit expensive to drink there. But if it is once, it is worth.

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