New York on a budget: shopping tips

When thinking about New York there are different pictures that might pop up in our minds.  One might be the picture of happy beautiful girls carrying loads of shopping bags walking down Fifth Avenue or looking with admiration at the windows of some gorgeous shops like Tiffany or Macy’s.
New York is fashion. Fashion, most of the time, means shopping.

I must say in my 100 days I got to respect the tradition fully so I feel confident about giving you some advices.
If you are on a budget do not lose hope. In New York you can find everything at every price. I’m not saying you will find wonderful huge diamonds for few dollars, but if you have some time to look around you’ll sure discover that you can find really good deals!

Best place ever to me is Century 21. There you can find high label items with huge discounts! There are different shops all over Manhattan and all over the U.S., my favourite one was at Lincoln Square but there’s also a really huge one at the World Trade Centre which I guess is the biggest one ever but it’s too messy in my opinion. At Century I bought a waterproof Casio watch for 12 dollars, a Guess purse for 15, a Tommy Hilfiger bag for 39 and a pair of Steve Madden flats, again for 39 dollars. I think these are deals.

Other great places where you can find really good offers are TJ Maxx and DSW. Here the quality is a little lower than in Century 21, but if you are lucky and keep looking you might find real bargains. You might come across a lovely Versace shirt in the middle of what seems to be a mix and match of pyjamas, so you better look everywhere when you are in these shopping centres.

Another really cheap shop is Forever 21 (I am not sure but I think they often use “21” in their names to show they are actually selling 21st century fashion items). Here you can not find branded items but a lot of nice dresses and accessorises without spending much. It is something like H&M, but I think it is actually cheaper and it is not so spread in Europe yet. For those who know, it also seems similar to Primark, maybe a little more expensive but really not much. There’s a really good one in Times Square, open till 2am for late night shopaholic.

Do not forget to stop at one of the many Loehmann’s. They usually give you coupons at the entrance or either you’ll have a discount when you pay. First time I went there I bought two cashmere sweater: the full price was 238$ for one and 198$ for the second, but they were on sale at 89.99 and 69.99. I thought it was a good offer to pay around 160 for something worth more than 400 dollars, but once I was at the checkout the cashier asked me 97.38 dollars. I am not sure how it happened, apparently there was a 10% discount on every item, plus a 25% off every item worth more than 75 dollars and then another 15% off for selected sweaters and apparently both mine were. I know it seems unbelievable but I have a proof: the receipt. Cool, right?

Another nice chain you can find in New York is Strawberry. You recognise it easily since the logo is, well, a strawberry. The stores are nice, usually smaller than the other shops. I found the best leggings ever here but I found it to be a little more expensive, for example, the Steve Madden flats I bought for 39 dollars at Century 21, did cost around 60 dollars here, so be careful.

If your luggage is full and you are interested just in some window shopping, than do not miss Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Henri Bendel and Bergdorf Goodman. These places are simply amazing, real paradises for fashion addicts. Henri Goodman was also the venue for the Gossip Girl event for the launch of the second season of the series.
You can also walk up and down Fifth Avenue from the Rockefeller Center to Central park and Madison Avenue from the 42nd till the 70th street and you’ll find some of the best shops ever, just about everything: Tiffany, Apple Store, Sony Corporation and Wonder Technology Lab, and all the big fashion label you can think of. You can even find Godiva, the prestigious Belgian chocolate brand, and Victoria’s Secret, the lingerie retailer famous most for its models, the Angels, than for its bras and slips.

As you can see you can find pretty much everything you want. The only matter is how much are you willing to spend but now you know you can find good offers in the shops i mentioned above.

Remember just one last important rule. When you go shopping the best thing is to buy the “made in here” product. So if you are in England you should buy Fred Perry, if you are in France you should buy make-up products like L’Oréal and Chanel, so if you are in the States you should buy Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. It might seem a stupidly simple rule, but not everyone think about it.

Another good rule, if you travel by plane, is to take some time at the airport to do some shopping. With the duty free at the airport you can find really good deals: buying at the airport does not mean you are obsessed with shopping, it simply means you care about what you spend. Isn’t it smart?

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