A special place to stay


I arrive in Nailsea in the early afternoon of a hot August day. Only an old woman is walking in front of me out of the station. I have never been here before, but Google Maps told me where I

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Harewood: a lovely afternoon in West Yorkshire


And then it’s Sunday. My housemates and I went out for a “family trip” around Leeds, discovering green, sheep and relax. About 15 minutes drive from Headingley and we are in the middle of West Yorkshire countryside, we end up

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The curious case of the girl who became a burger addict

Your Server is Elena

“I will never, ever, work as a waitress. I don’t wanna serve people, I don’t like having to work with food. I wanna eat food! I don’t wanna prepare it for other and I don’t want people to ask me

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Leaving London

It’s just when I leave one place that I actually realise how much I will miss it. Isn’t it such a clich√©? I started writing about New York just one month before moving back and now I feel I haven’t

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I saw Her

Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla

At half past twelve I am still in my bed wondering what to do whit my day. I specifically asked to have the day off to go in town and see the Queen but then I feel too lazy to

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God save the Queen. And Starbucks, please.

Royal Mint Frappuccino - Starbucks Jubillee Special Edition

Finally it’s here, one of the most awaited event of 2012: the Queen’s Jubilee. Many events are happening in London, but since I spend most of my time working – and restaurants do not know what Bank Holidays means –

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I can’t get out of Waterstone’s without a book.

Foyles at Westfield Stratford

I just can’t help it. As soon as I get into one of the Waterstone’s ¬†bookstores I feel like buying. The good thing is I am not just buying all the useless stationery and gadgets but I am actually buying

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